Pixel Perfect

Coding with precision, designing with passion – that's the essence of pixel perfection in web development.

High Quality

Coding with precision, designing with care - that's the recipe for delivering high-quality solutions that make a difference.

Awesome Idea

As a web developer, my code is the canvas, and every awesome idea is a stroke of genius that brings my digital art to life.

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Who I'm

I'm a Web Developer

Hello there! I’m a web designer and developer. I’m very passionate and dedicated to my work. With 2 years experience as a professional web developer, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success. I enjoy every step of the design process, from discussion and collaboration. Google can be searched with “azmarifdev” if you want. Then you will know everything about me.


My Amazing Works

My Skills

I Develop Skills Regularly

React JS
Node JS
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What I Do for Clients

Web Design

Coupled with a keen eye for detail, I specialize in transforming concepts into visually stunning and user-friendly web designs, ensuring your online presence not only captivates but also delivers a seamless browsing experience.

Web Development

Proficient in web development, I bring your digital vision to life by creating dynamic and responsive websites. With a commitment to excellence, I ensure every line of code contributes to an unparalleled online experience.

UI/UX Design

Mastering the art of UI/UX design, I produce visually captivating, intuitively navigable digital experiences. My expertise in creating seamless user interfaces will enhance your brand’s online presence.


Fluent in WordPress development, I bring digital visions to life by creating dynamic, feature-rich websites. From custom themes to powerful plugins, my expertise ensures a seamless online experience.

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Malibagh, Dhaka


+880 1742-363024

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